Welcome to Hunter Gatherer Gourmet, your go-to for delicious and quick, paleo baking mixes. They are gluten free, grain free and dairy free, BUT not taste free, we kept that part in. We pride ourselves on our unique, winning formula of nutritious ingredients designed specifically to make it easy for you to create delectable treats that your taste buds, and your body will love. Boasting all natural ingredients, low in sugar, preservative free and incredibly easy to use (read fail-proof) plus they taste like ‘real cake’. Because life’s too short not to eat cake.

Vanilla Paleo Baking Mix
Ginger Paleo Baking Mix
Chocolate Paleo Baking Mix
Pancake & Crepe Paelo Mix


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While embracing the Paleo Diet (it’s really a lifestyle) we believe food should be fun and life should be about enjoyment not deprivation. Our convenient, easy to use baking mixes offer a raft of health benefits for your digestion, mood, energy and body helping you to lead a happier, healthier life. Enjoy a healthy relationship with food and feel amazing by fuelling your body with great nutrition while still enjoying your favourite goodies.

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