Frequently asked questions


Are they gluten-free and dairy-free?

Yes our products are tested by Eurofins after they are made.

How much sugar is in them?

We have the lowest sugar content and we use coconut sugar which doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels as much as refined sugars, making them much more suitable for diabetics.

  • Velvety 5.2g per serve
  • Chocolate 6.9g per serving
  • Pancakes 3g per serving
  • Ginger Crunch

Can you freeze them?

Yes, they all freeze well. Many mums use them for school lunches straight from the freezer. The slices last a long time in the fridge however anyway.

Are they Vegan or Egg Free?

All our mixes are vegan. The sices don’t require eggs, and we have some great suggestions for egg replacements here.

What oil can I use?

Any oil you like. The more you put in the stronger the taste will be, so keep that in mind when making the slices. For those, you can use macadamia, or rice bran (if you don’t mind seed oils) or coconut. For the cakes and muffins when you only need 2 tbls, you can use anything.

Do they taste nice? Like real cakes?

Yes, all our mixes were tested extensively on husbands and children before going to market.

Are they made with Sustainability in mind?

Yes. The cardboard is sourced from renewable forests, and the inner bags can be recycled in soft packaging. None of our ingredients are Genetically Modified.

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