Chocolate – Gluten Free, Grain Free & Dairy Free

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Make these even more chocolatey with chocolate chunks, or add raspberries or orange oil to the chocolate mix.

Chocolate is good for the mind, body and spirit. Not only can you make each box into cakes, cookies, muffins or slices, but you can also make our choc mix more chocolaty with chocolate chunks, or add raspberries or orange oil. Bake it into a chocolate log for Christmas or make fudgy brownies with pumpkin. Check out our recipe page for loads more easy and delicious ideas.

Lots of mothers add frozen raspberries when baking muffins  and then freeze them for school lunches.
For egg free cakes and muffins replace the 2 eggs with 1 tsp vinegar and 2 extra tbl of water and 2 tbl of oil. Or follow the vegan slice recipe on the back of the box for a more decadent treat.

Low in sugar, with all natural ingredients and free from preservatives, your cakes will taste like the ‘real thing’ and are super easy to whip up freeing you from prep and clean up time

Ingredients: almond flour, sunflower seed flour, coconut sugar, tapioca flour, cocoa, vanilla beans, baking soda, salt

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