IGNORE THE BACK LABEL! I have improved the cookies…

5 Mins8-10 Mins20 MinsLevel: Easy
Gluten Free Cookies

They were just not good enough. But now they are! Just add one large egg and the following measures of oil or ghee (or melted butter);(so no water now either)


Mix the egg and oil together, then combine with the baking mix (with any extras you are adding like chocolate chips) The mix should come together nicely. Roll into balls then press down onto a lined baking tray. Bake at 180 for 8 minutes. The cookie should look set but still be soft when you press on it. They will cool slightly on the tray once you have taken them out of the oven.
Enjoy! I’m going to make chocolate chip out of the vanilla mix now….

Let me know what flavour you make and what you thought of them. I love getting feedback.


  • Chocolate 60-70g
  • Ginger 70-80g
  • Vanilla 80-90g

Recipe comments

  • Hi Julena
    Just looking through your recipes and your improved cookie recipe doesn’t have the full recipe on your website. regards Basia

      • Hi Julena,

        Are you able to update the recipe with full ingredients as I don’t have the box packaging and would love to make the cookies 🙂

  • Hi Julena,

    I just bought the chocolate and plain refills – but I threw out my packets from the last lot. Is there a copy of the packet instructions on the website?

    Also – have you ever thought about offering your recipes in a downloadable PDF? I would definitely pay for that!

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