They taste great just as plain muffins. But you can get so creative with what you add to the mix. The best way to add your tasty little extras, is to pour the wet batter into your muffin tins, cake or loaf tin, then sprinkle the extra ingredients on the top

Here are my favourites;


In summer I used fresh fruit, ie sliced plums, a bit of stewed apple and feijoa. (made an apple crumble type muffin too, such a winner!). Adding frozen berries in winter is just gorgeous.

Throw in some chocolate chips or chunks, some orange essence or some lemon peel.

Bake them plain then top with meringue icing. Top that with a dash of coconut and passion fruit!


What can’t you do with ginger. Dried dates are sensational, dried figs are a close second. Or just slice up some fresh pear.

Dates, walnuts and chocolate chunks are a delightful combo.

We have also made a pear and date ginger loaf, a pear and ginger tart, and turned the mix into sticky date pudding.


Want to make them even more chocolatey? Add chocolate chunks. Taste amazing with raspberries or add orange oil for a jafa kick.


Get creative, and make them your own! Keep us posted if you come up with a winning combo.

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